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Brochures are an excellent way to promote your products and services bringing your brand to life whilst giving you unlimited advantages.

Not only will they reduce your carbon footprint, drastically cut your production costs and decrease your outgoings, they will also allow you to target your email connections and mailing lists with stunning visual displays of your products or services.

Here at Divine Media and Communication we use our unlimited expertise to deliver divine designs that ensure your customers sit up and take notice. Creating brochures that please the senses we bring life to your static sales copy increasing your revenue whilst boosting your profits.

Each digital book or brochure is produced to your exact requirements, we listen to the message you want to convey and create designs that deliver again and again.

As an inclusively interact 3D design, digital books and brochures impress as they turn virtual pages, use moving images and showcase your products to potential investors.

With our affordable £99 package you will receive:

A stunning 4 page brochure or book to wow your customers

The Facility to incorporate questionnaires or forms to encourage interaction

The ability to update easily as your service or product changes

The inclusion of animations and video clips

A version that your visitors can download or you can email to your mailing list

A completely editable brochure so you can change your text at any time with no extra cost

Our Training Services

Here at Divine Media and Communication we combine our knowledge and experience to bring you the best of our knowledge so your business can benefit.

Our in house training offers comprehensive training packages for new and established businesses alike.

This course is designed to ensure that you are brought up to speed on the modern marketing techniques that your business can use for free. Taking advantage of social media platforms we will show you how to successfully use twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to drive visitors to your site, converting them into customers or clients.

DMC training is different to any other, as we tailor each course to the specific business. Before your booking, we will thoroughly research your local area, your target market along with your goals and ambitions to deliver a course that ensures you achieve your dreams.

Our Social Media Essentials course has proven popular amongst small and big businesses alike; attended by retail chains, specialist retailers and PR companies we are proud to produce a satisfaction rate of above 97%.

On enrolling on the course you can be confident that in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere you will receive:

A thorough introduction to all Social Media Platforms

Advice on how to reach your goals through social media

Advice on how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ for profit

The Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media

Training on all platforms

Guidance on how to identify and find your target market

Advice on how to use each social media platform effectively to target your audience

Guidance on how to build your brand and web presence

Tips, trick and expert insights

Advice on how to create new customers and keep them

Training on using third party applications and tools

Legalities information

All of our courses are conducted at our offices and trainings are scheduled on first come first served basis.

We don’t charge extra if the course runs over as we believe in offering a complete course that leaves no question unanswered.


Here at DMC we like to provide as much information as possible to you the business owner. That is why we source the best resources possible so you can benefit for free, teaching yourself the tricks of the trade you need to learn to boost your online presence.

Here you will find amazing tutorials, tips, plugins and videos that are designed to help you on your way.


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Why did we start Venue Communication? Because we love the meeting and the tremendous power that the meeting can generate. Partly in the meeting between people and partly in the meeting between people and brand!

To successfully communicate with the customer and/or consumer, today’s media noise requires innovation, creativity and a never-ending commitment to finding the perfect channel, arena, forum, experience for the current audience.

Companies often have their own creative ideas and suggestions on what should be done, but the power and resources may not be there for realization. That’s when we’ll be there to help you. We refine and implement it for you. In addition to the fact that we consider ourselves easy to deal with, we are also extremely results-focused – we really want our customers to win!

Otherwise, we have a long and combined experience of working with strong brands and customer relationships. We always strive to get better and develop what we do, we simply find it difficult to settle down and be satisfied!

Theory and Practice

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The book provides guidance to both teachers and students in areas of cross-cultural communication in a wide range of postgraduate and undergraduate courses. It is also relevant to international business courses, training programmes for SMEs and multinational companies, for trainers as well as HR managers, briefing Government departments, NGOs and the Armed Forces.  The book is also applicable to teaching in Further Education Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges and senior classes in independent and state schools as well as in language training.

View Barry Tomalin’s introduction  to Cross-Cultural Communication


Written by teachers and trainers with extensive experience in universities and the corporate world both in the UK and overseas, it also includes chapters on cultural profiling and suggestions on how to teach cross-cultural communication skills. It is destined to be a standard textbook in the field.

Cross Cultural-Communication covers all the main areas of culture in  diplomacy, international agencies and international business. (see The Contents). It blends theory and practice to provide a best practice manual for personal development. It offers excellent preparation for all personnel and families working in an international environment.


Other Cultural Communication resources from Barry Tomalin