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We are a forward thinking collection of talented creative minds that are committed to catapulting your business into the twenty first century.


Our services encompass the whole of your brand guaranteeing you the maximum exposure whilst creating stunning websites that are a visual sensation. With our emphasis on driving traffic to your site and making sure your visitors stay, we utilize every media medium possible to bring unrivalled results for your business.


Our ethos for excellence stretches across our whole team only the most modernized inspired intellects form part of our dynamic crew as we believe you deserve only the best in business for your brilliant brand.


Our designs, media and communication mediums are completely bespoke to each company as we listen carefully to your hopes and dreams and then work hard to turn them into a reality.


Using psychological advantages and a divine understanding of your client’s needs, we delve deep into your brand to bring your clients an amazing experience when using your services and purchasing through your website. We believe in forming long term partnerships through loyalty and trust and extend this ethos to your clients too making sure you are the business they want to return to.


Our dedicated team consists of:


Strategic Marketers


Project Managers


Creative Thinkers

Each individual has an extensive history of providing only the very best to businesses across the globe.


As one of the most rapidly growing brands in the UK, we aim to ensure your brand grows bigger too!


Already we hold an impeccable track record along with a long list of satisfied clients that have enjoyed supreme success through our marketing, design and media.


Divine Media and Communication (DMC) was born when a team of professional individuals shared the same vision. Each one excelling in driving their own businesses forward through excellent design, media and communication methods they formed DMC to bring this service to small, medium and large businesses alike.


Now Divine Media and Communication is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, offering affordable solutions for small businesses whilst generating unlimited attention for the larger companies.


With a holistic catalogue of services that encompass the whole of your business brand they deliver quality workmanship with an emphasis on increasing your site traffic and increasing your client’s enjoyment of your website.


DMC have a proven track record of growing businesses through divine design, modern media and creative communication methods, each client has always been impressed with the results and experienced fabulous feedback from their own customers.


Divine Media and Communication place their emphasis on a bespoke service; listening to your ambitions and aspirations for your online business they use the latest in technology techniques to ensure that you can compete with the big brands whilst guaranteeing your customers enjoy complete satisfaction with every visit as standard.

Our Services

Our supreme services encompass the whole of your brand guaranteeing optimum results whilst giving your clients an unrivalled customer experience when using your service.


We have options to suit all budgets, from affordable small business packages to complete coverage for medium to large companies.


Each individual of Divine Media and Communication is proven to provide excellence across all platforms bringing only the best to you and your business.


We have an impeccable track record in providing

Website Creations

Online Videos

Professional Web Presenting

Digital Brochures And E-Books

Stunning Website Designs

Social Media Training and Facilities

Client Interaction

Content Management

Domain Names


Ecommerce Websites

Traffic Building

We use the latest in Technicolor technology to bring your brand to life giving it a supreme web presence that is guaranteed to beat your competitors whilst making your online services a joy for each and every one of your clients.


We incorporate the best the media has to offer by utilizing the power of the social platforms of twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ad Google plus to drive more customers to your site and encourage interaction. Thus significantly lowering your bounce rates and building your brand identity.


With complete support packages we give unlimited advice throughout the whole process, listening intently to your hopes and dreams we turn your ambitions into a reality.

Online Videos to promote your service, product, idea or offers are guranteed to be a breeze. With the latest advancaments in video technology, we have the exact service package to get you in the main stream of successful businesses.  Read for more information


Our Web Presenters would also give a professional touch or branding to your service. This package includes the ability of your customers, visitors and clients have a sort of interaction with a virtual customer service person or guide.   Read for more information




Call us today for your free no obligation consultation and see how we can make sure your business stands out from the crowd.


Our Packages

We have packages to suit all budgets, whether you’re a new company or a big brand, our experience, intellect and creative minds will work together to produce impeccable results that you will be proud of.


Our website creations and designs utilize the best in modern technology to incorporate features for your website that encourage your customers and clients to interact.


Studies show that the more a client interacts on a website the more likely they are to buy, hire or use your services. In a world where online shopping is commonplace, consumers miss the personal touch of being greeted into the store, however we bring this tradition to the internet making every one of your visitors feel welcomed, valued and most of all important.


Through stunning designs and flawless website creation we bring out the best in your brand and present it to your target audience with their usability and enjoyment in mind. Our methods have been proven to lower bounce rates, encourage interaction and most of all drive sales.


Our bespoke service is completely unique to each individual business and as we listen to your requirements during your free consultation we will formulate an action plan that promises to build your web presence whilst tempting your entire target market.


Our Methods

Our dynamic website creation used only the latest in design, media and communication technology. Through a myriad of media mediums, such as chat rooms, video and social platforms we ensure visitors stay engaged for longer.


Startup Services

For businesses beginning to build a brand online we offer a service that will increase your web presence whilst being visually appealing to any website visitor. Using streamlined straightforward solutions we have the perfect presentations to get you up and running whilst staying within a limited budget.


This is known as a static or brochure website, considered to be the simplest design, we transform your sales material into a fully functional website. When you are ready and your budget increases, you can then progress to our dynamic solutions.


Our static website includes:


Free domain name

Free hosting for 12 months

Unlimited e-mail accounts

Free 12 month warranty

Superior technical support

Visitor statistics reports via Google Analytics.

Along with unlimited advice to help you understand your visitor’s experience giving you the information you need to give your customers what they crave.


All this can be yours for as little as £350.00  contact us now for your free consultation and give your business the presence it deserves.

Growing Businesses

We also offer packages for a Dynamic website creation. This uses the power of every media source on the internet to encourage customer interaction, sales and engagement of the visitor.


Through a variety of mediums we deliver only the latest designs and technology to bring you the best the internet has to offer.


Just a few of our fabulous features for our dynamic websites include:


RSS Feeds

Online Shops

Social Media Integration



Mailing lists

If you would like to take advantage of our unlimited experience and apply it to your business brand contact us now for your free consultation for a Dynamic Website.


Our web presenters are professionals in their field, with a background in media and sales; they deliver pitch perfect messages to your visitors bringing your brand into the 21st century.


A good web presenter will attract visitors to your website and what’s more they will ensure your visitors stay, engage and interact whilst using their professional power to convert each visitor into a customer or client.


Web presenters are the perfect solution for adding a personality to your brand. As online shoppers crave for the good old days of customer service and interaction, the web presenter adds a personal touch that turns each click into gold. Not only will a good web presenter offer your clients unrivalled customer care, they will also make remote training enjoyable and increase the overall experience of your website.


Here at Divine Media and Communication we use only the best web presenters. Each one is proven to excel in their field of delivering sales pitches and converting words into cash.


For a one off fee you can ensure that you over impeccable customer service to your clients twenty four hours a day seven days a week, without hiring an expensive sales team or adding people to the PAYE scheme.


Our web presenters prove their worth within days and our customers are astounded by the return they receive on their initial investment just hours after they introduce this fantastic feature. The modern way to drive visitors to buy and convert clicks into cash, no twenty first businesses can really afford to live without this amazing online presence.



Online Video Services

For decades big brands have harnessed the power of the visual concepts of advertising, and now, with YouTube and other online media you can apply this effective tool to your business.


Studies prove that customers and clients respond better to advertising that utilizes more than one of their senses. With videos you can use stunning footage combined with music and voice to increase sales whilst making your brand unforgettable.


What Consumers Really Love These Days.

As times as moved on online services and products are favoured by consumers for their convenience, however many miss the experience of seeing a product or service in action, and as a nation that “wants it all” video is the ideal way to promote a product online giving the customer back that personal touch, keeping them engaged and encouraging them to buy.


The Power Of Video Over Written Content

Content is an important part of any website, however, all copywriters know that visitors often scan copy rather than reading it fully, however a video will be watched from beginning to end giving your business the chance to pitch your seamless service or product to everyone who happens across your site.


Using our in house studio we employ professional actors to deliver your brand message flawlessly. Our fully equipped editing suite ensures you receive a perfectly polished video to drive your business forward.