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Studio Legale Roma

Active since 1999, the Law Firm of the Lawyer Riccardo Carlone is based in Rome near the Vatican City State (Via Alcide de Gasperi n. 35 – Via delle Fornaci area) and carries out its activity throughout the national territory, also before the higher magistracy.

It assists its clients in the field of civil law and, in the specific field, in the following matters:

– labour and social security law;

– professional responsibility of the doctor and the health facility;

– hereditary successions and divisions;

– problems in real estate sales including contractual assistance activities in the entire phase, up to the deed;

– contracts, also with regard to the breach of contract and the recovery of debts, both in the corporate and private spheres;

– civil liability arising from the circulation of vehicles and vessels.

In the pages of this site you can find news on the activity carried out by the study and the services provided, as well as information on the thematic insights from time to time addressed.

Interested parties can contact the studio by telephone or using the e-mail addresses made available.

This site was designed and built by Avv. Riccardo Carlone of the Court of Rome in accordance with the Forensic Code of Ethics, respecting the dignity and decorum of the profession and the obligations of secrecy and confidentiality and, therefore, has no advertising purposes but only information of the professional activity carried out by the firm.

In no case can the information, materials and news contained in the site be assimilated to professional or legal advice that can be provided only and exclusively by contacting a qualified professional qualified and qualified in accordance with the law.

This site aims, therefore, to allow the public wider access to legal information by offering updated and precise information but, given the tool used and the link with other sites on which Avv. Riccardo Carlone does not have any type of control, no guarantee can be provided that a document available online reproduces exactly the officially adopted text or that it does not contain computer viruses.


Therefore it does not assume, nor do we support, nor accept any responsibility and / or guarantee, implicit or explicit, for possible problems arising from the use of this site or the external sites connected to it and / or damages, direct or indirect, also related to loss of profits.

All the contents of this site, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of the studio.

The saving, duplication and reproduction of the same are prohibited without the prior authorization of Avv. Richard Carlone


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