More philanthropy research in Ireland needed

(via UKFundraising)

By Howard Lake

Research into philanthropy in Ireland has improved but is still limited, a recent seminar in Dublin has heard.

The European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) ‘Giving in Europe’ factsheet rates the Irish research as a little more encouraging, with Ireland populating the middle ‘representative’ band of participating countries. This was revealed during a Philanthropy Ireland event for a group of philanthropic foundations and researchers who assembled in Dublin to present the first insights into a recent survey on philanthropy.

Dr Gemma Donnelly-Cox of the Centre for Nonprofit Management at Trinity College Dublin presented her research findings based on the survey of Irish foundations as part of the pilot Global Philanthropy Report (GPR), coordinated by the Kennedy School at Harvard University.

The response rate to the survey was very small, as even the number of foundations in Ireland is proportionally smaller than other countries of its size. However, the research still offered extensive information on the organisation, governance, financial resources, operational strategies and scope of philanthropic foundations and giving in Ireland, according to the researchers.

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