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We’re a class of 21 students at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. We come from different backgrounds, have different talents, and aspire Karl Casino har nya spel to different roles – but we’re brought together by the idea of creating Interactive Communication. By that, we mean communication that is useful instead of annoying, two-way instead of one-way, and honest instead of deceptive.

You see, we believe that the world is changing. There’s nothing strange about that; the world changes all the time. From carriages to cars and smoke signals to social media, we live in a society constructed by a constant drive to improve and renew. There was a time when the communication business consisted of companies talking at people rather than with them. We’re pretty sure that’s not the sort of communication people mean when they talk about the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Today, with the amazing influx of new technology and digital social interaction, the possibility of karamba genuine communication is stronger than ever – and we want to make it happen. Take a look around to see what we’re up to!

Berghs Interactive Communication | 25 wizards of Interactive Communication at Berghs

We just finished two weeks of internship. Some of us are jet lagged, many of us are in dire need of some extra hours of sleep, but all of us brought with us a lot of new experiences back to school. Actually, now we’re back for the last three months of studying before graduation. Time is passing by really fast and soon we’ll join you in the real world, hunting for new inspiring challenges to take on. We started our first day back in school with the first class within a new course called API’s and Open Data, held by Jesper Åström. We’ve learned that he is the best of the best in Sweden when it comes to these things and already, after only two lectures, we adore him. He’s a very inspiring man with a lot of stories and experiences to share. Also, he encouraged us to start learning how to write some code. Many of us have never written a single line of code ever before, but now we’re slowly moving from never-wrote-a-single-line-of-code-kids to wannabe-almost-professionals. It’s great!

new beginnings Interactive Communication Berghs

Yesterday we started our very last course, Prototyping, with Joe Coppard. Joe held the Digital Production course that we took together with the Production Managers and KTH. Now we’re looking forward to make a lot of cool “labby” stuff together with Joe. This afternoon we’ll take on a bunch of digital treasure hunts in groups of four. Each group created one and each group will run around the school, the blocks close to school as well as the digital landscape we roam every single day. It’s really exciting and we believe that the entire course is going to be fantastic and memorable, not only the treasure hunts.

Joe Coppard Ends and new beginnings Interactive Communication Berghs


These courses will wrap up our last couple of months at Berghs and with new energy from Jesper and Joe, and the warmth from the sun, we’re all determined to make the most out of them.

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Samples of editorial calendars

Here’s a follow up to the recent video on editorial calendars. For those of you who have never seen an editorial calendar, I have provided some samples for you in this video. These are a random choice of calendars that are accessible on the web. I would like to remind you that NOT ALL media outlets would have an editorial calendar available. So, for those in charge of media relations,…

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